Ditch the spreadsheets: Why you need to implement a CRM in your business brokerage

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool into your brokerage, will change the way you manage your customers. A good CRM can improve client management, automate tasks and provide targeted marketing tools. 

And as a business broker, it gets even better. 

There are many platforms that are specifically built for the business broker industry. And several of these are available for Australian and New Zealand businesses. These platforms go beyond the standard CRM features, and include tools and add-ons that have been designed to save brokers time and money. 

5 ways a CRM will improve your business brokerage.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 improvements that a CRM built for brokers can bring to your business. 

1. Integrated document & listing storage

Finding a document should be as simple as opening the listing right inside your CRM.

A listing document storage system inside your CRM, makes it easier to track, manage and send important documents. Creating templates and automations can make sharing these documents as simple as a few clicks. 

2. Digital Confidentiality Agreements (CA)

Managing your CA’s digitally can save time and and makes it easier to track who has completed them

An integrated CRM can build these digital CA forms right into your website. Meaning, completed CA’s are added directly into your CRM, and your brokers are notified by email or SMS. 

3. Bulk uploading

Create, manage and update all your listings in one place. 

Your bulk uploading CRM will save you time by automatically uploading and updating your listings.

No longer will you need to create an ad for a listing in multiple places. A quality broker CRM, will not only integrate with your website, but all major broker portals. 

4. Detailed buyer matching

Improve the quality of communication with your potential buyers. 

Store buyer criteria in a detailed, structured database. Then use this criteria to discuss listings that match THEIR needs. (not just all new listings). 

5. Targeted auto emails & SMS messages

Use the features above to automate communication with your contacts.

You now have a client database, with real information about real people (not just a list of names and phone numbers).

Use this to automatically deliver email and SMS to your contacts with accurate, up to date information about your listings. 

We have only scratched the surface of the benefits that a quality broker CRM can provide. Why not book in a chat today to talk to one of our broker specialists, to discuss what a broker CRM can bring to your business. 

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